How To Break Through An Up level

You may have heard of it before, you’ve probably experienced it, but how do recognize you’re in an up level… and how do you actually break through it?

An up level is when you are coming to and attempting to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. As entrepreneurs we face this as we reach higher and higher and income levels. Many of my clients experience this as they hit the $10,000/month mark and work to sustain the 5 figure a month level in their businesses.

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Why Healing Is So Important To Manifesting

You want to manifest but you’ve been getting frustrated AF watching it seem to work for everyone else but you, right?  What’s  the secret “thing” they have that you don’t?  

The truth is, it’s not a secret.  And it totally gets annoying when you see others having seemingly fast results in manifestation while you stay such in stagnation

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We Are ALL Wounded

This is a triggering post for many but a topic that has been on my heart for MONTHS.  

And as a victim of multiple sexual assaults...

I choose to NOT stay in victim mentality...

I choose to NOT glorify all that has been done unto me...

I choose to share my message and speak my voice with as much love as I can muster even through the veil of shame, embarrassment and anger.  

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