Why manifesting hasn't been working for you


This is such a juicy topic and one I’m so excited to go in on. I received a message from a woman in my private FB group this morning saying how manifesting just doesn’t work for her. She’s had great things happen but there are so many things she’s manifested she “didn’t want” and lots of things she did want but hasn’t received.

I’ve got a few things to say about this.

First off, you have to get specific about what you want and WHYYYYY you want it.

How is you having the red Tesla of service to others?

How is you making a f*ck ton of money a service?

How is you meeting the man of your dreams a service?

Get underneath the surface level why and focus on your purpose.

Next, check your energy.

Are you wanting the $10k month so you can feel excited and relieved… but feeling frustrated as you get there?

Like attracts like. So your feeling frustrated is only going to draw in more reasons to be frustrated. Start shifting into that same energetic state you’re going to feel WHEN you have the $10k and you’ll start seeing evidence of it in no time. Plus, you’ll be feeling better and more optimistic and that helps everybody!

Now, hold the space.

There is a moment in time from when you send your desire into the U and when you receive it. Your job isn’t to know the how it’s going to get there. Your job is to hold the space and nurture it. Thoughts like “It’s not here yet, it must not be meant to be” or “I knew it wasn’t to come. What was I thinking” are only going to push it away.

Start being grateful for what you have NOW, and you’ll start to receive more to be grateful for.

Start seeing the miracles that are present in every moment, and more miracles will make their way to you. Focus on the positive and you’ll experience more positive.

Catch my drift?

Now I want to hear from you. Where have you been self sabotaging your own manifestations? What thoughts have you been thinking that have been pushing your manifestations away?

Let me know in the comments below!

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