Through Orgasm I Rise

Through orgasm I rise.

It is not the thought of a man that makes me release...

It is the thought...

The VIEWING of me.

As I embrace myself in the most vulnerable way..

As I ALLOW my essence to excite me...

To exhilarate me...

To to escape me...

I allow it to ENVELOPE me.

To embrace ME.

It is not my worth that excites me, I already know, feel, value and BELIEVE my worth.

It is my true self.

The part of me I’ve locked away for lifetimes.

The part that I’ve only allowed to come out here and there...

Yet never knew how to embrace.

I didn’t know how to embrace her because that’s not the order.

SHE had to embrace me.

Through orgasm I release HER.

And she envelopes me.

I see myself making love to the earth.

With the earth.

And of the earth.

I see myself releasing...

Like smoke out of my vagina and out of my mouth.

She releases...

As if awakening from a slumber.

Now free.




The Goddess Lindsay.

I know her.

I feel her.

I see her.

I AM her.

Hungry from the centuries long nap I just took.



And untethered.