February New Moon Ritual

Late at night when everyone’s gone to bed and the house is quiet... I grab my candles, sage, palo santo, crystals, my journal and I head outside.  I create a grid with the crystals and the candles.

I take off my Vogel necklace to cleanse and charge.  The carefully cut stone I wear daily to protect me from absorbing others energy and aids in my manifestations needs regular maintenance too.  The new moon energy is perfect for just that. 

I have written down what I am releasing and what I’m calling in.

With this new moon and the partial eclipse this is a particularly powerful time.

I light the three candles.

I light the masculine sage and draw 3 circles around myself and the grid, calling for cleansing and releasing of negative energy.

I place it on my left (Feminine) side to continue burning.

I light the feminine palo santo and draw 3 circles around myself and the grid, calling in for the Divine spirit to aid me and to flow through me.

I place it, burning on my right side... the polarities balancing my masculine and feminine.

Sitting on the cold ground, my feet bare, I take deep breaths.  Focusing on spirit flowing through me and thanking myself for the gift of ritual. 

I sit in silence.

And then, I firmly state aloud what I have written on my paper.

I state what it is I Release.... and what I hereby claim.

I light three of the four corners of the sheet of paper, one from each candle... and let it burn.

Burning the things I Release... feeling their energies leave my being.  Freeing myself from their burden once and for all. 

I feel into the activation of that which I am drawing in.

I place the burning paper on the ground and watch it burn... noticing the color of the flame and the areas that are stubborn to burn.  I relight the areas that need further assistance, stating aloud "I thank you for your service, I no longer need you, I release you" and continue to watch it burn. 

Replaced by ash.

I sit. Breathe. And star bathe. I feel into and state my gratitude.

I feel lighter.



And when I am ready I give my thanks and...

Leaving the candles burning, the sage and palo santo smudging...

The crystals cleansing and charging...

I stand in my lightness, my freedom, my expansion. 

I take some deep breaths.... turn and walk away.

Knowing full well everything is always working out for me.

As I relax into bed, my dogs snoring by my feet... my son sleeping soundly in the other room I breathe.  

A peaceful calm flowing over and through me.

Loving myself for making the commitment to reflect, release and call in.  Giving thanks for Spirit, the Universe, my guides.  

As I doze off to sleep with my newfound space, grateful for all that flows into me now.