I said YES!!!
Lindsay woo 2018-0019.jpg

The other day, for the first time ever, I said “I Do”.

I got down on my knees, looked myself in the mirror, and asked for the ultimate commitment.
I asked for the kind of love that is deeply and completely unconditional.  The kind of love that makes my heart flutter.  The kind that every time you think about that special person you get all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  

The kind of love that makes my soul sing.  This love that holds strong during the toughest of times.

I asked myself for forgiveness. 

Forgiveness for all the times I doubted, blamed and shamed myself. Forgiveness for all the times I didn’t stand up for myself.  

I made the promise that I would show up everyday. That I intended to do right by myself in each and every moment, no matter what everyone else thought or did. 

What serves my higher purpose, my heart, my soul, my womb...

That is what I focus on and give my service to... No matter how scared I feel in the moment. 


I AM that special person! 

And so, I said yes. 

Yes to myself. 

Yes to my purpose, my passion, my desires. 

Yes to my heart. 

Yes to my womb. 

Because only when we deeply and completely love all aspects of ourselves, and act in a way that embodies that love... Can we attract that love in return.

What you put out comes back.

What kind of love are you receiving?