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Heal Your Womb, Awaken Your Divine Feminine 

Manifest Like A Woman


Womb Healing and Manifestation


What is womb healing?

Your womb.... 

Your seat of emotions.  

Your center of creation.  

You seat of manifestation... 

When you carry unhealed wounds that have either been placed upon you or inherited by you, you emit emotions.  

As the Law of Attraction states, that which you put out gets returned back to you. 

These unhealed wounds will continue to create undesirable patterns in your life that will perpetuate until they are healed.


  • Keep attracting the same guy with a different haircut? 
  • Keep moving forward until you get so close you can taste it... only to let fear or doubt creep in and let opportunity pass you by? 
  • Do you continue to place your dreams and desires on hold because you don't think you can really make it happen?

The patterns that  continue to perpetuate are a result of these old, unhealed wounds.  

The emotions you are storing as a result are suppressing your divine creative energy...

Your Divine Feminine.  

The energy that creates LIFE.

Babies yes..

But also?

The life you DREAM about.

The life you can feel and taste deep within you.

The life your daydreams keep coming back to.

The energy that makes your dream your reality.


As you heal your wounds and nurture your Divine Feminine,

Your whole world starts to radically shift...

In the best possible way.

Womb healing is the missing link for many women looking to attract their dream life, business, partner and children.

When used in combination with the Law of Attraction you are able to see your whole life transform before your very eyes, and start being the woman you've always known you were meant to be. 



 My Story

Energy healer, guide, and spiritual mentor for women who want more.  I empower women to tap into their innate potential, unleash their creative energies, and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.  

One year ago I had to leave my groceries at the store twice in one week because my food stamps hadn't gone through.  My mom paid my rent.  My utilities were shut off every other month.  My car was sent to repo... twice.  And I had an infant.  

Fast forward 9 months and I've made my first 5 figure months.  I impact women all over the globe and help them rapidly the life of their dreams...  

All while manifesting mine...


You're here because you feel a calling

A calling for something more. 

You know there's more to life and you can feel it brewing within you.  You have an idea of what your life will look like but you have no idea how you'll get there, and you're worried what others will say at the mere mention of your dreams.  

And so you sit.  Stuck.  Worried about what your life will look like if it stays the same, and worried about what will happen if you make a change.  

Somewhere along the road your curiosity sparked.  And you've found yourself here.  

Hey there.  I've been right where you are.  I knew I had to make a change.  I knew there was more.  I knew I wanted more travel, more money, more freedom.  And a lot less bullshit.  

I'd had a successful business.  I built it from scratch at the age of 23.  It was incredible.  But I got to a point where I wanted more.  I wanted to travel without having to shut my business down.  I wanted to make more money without the constant hustle and physical labor.  I wanted freedom.  Time freedom.  Location freedom.  Financial freedom.  

I found myself pregnant from a sexual assault.  It was the biggest blessing of my life.  I had no choice to make a change.  And so, at 7.5 months pregnant preparing to be a single mom... I did it.  

I sold my business and took the biggest leap of faith ever.  The one I'd been too afraid to take for the past 5 years because #stability.  

My soul was calling.  And I finally listened.  

And now I'm here to help you.  

Because you've had a calling for some time.  You may not know what it looks like but you can feel it.  You can sense it.  And it gets stronger every day.  

Your leap of faith is waiting.  Your dream life is waiting.  Are you ready? 

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Are you ready for more?