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Spiritual Healer and Law of Attraction Mentor For Female Entrepreneurs
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Spiritual Healer + Law of Attraction Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs

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How would your life look if you deeply and completely loved every aspect of yourself?

If you truly felt worthy and deserving of your desires?

If, when you looked in the mirror you honestly thought “wow, I am a fucking goddess”? 

Your whole life would look different, wouldn’t it?

I know.

Because I was there.

But not always… It took a fuck ton of getting real with myself, a willingness to do so, and consistent effort to do the work and show up for my dreams.

The good news?

It doesn’t have to take forever. Especially with help.

You can do all the hustle, all the strategy, all the things…

And not get anywhere.

You know this, because you’re probably doing some of that now.

Listen love, it truly doesn’t have to be difficult.

The actual strategy steps really are easy when you think about it.

It’s the limiting beliefs, the old stories, and the resonances from past lives and ancestral inheritances that get in your way.

Combine that with the wounds from your past traumas and experiences, some of which you may not even remember…

And you’ve got a beautiful soup full of things to keep you…

Right where you are.

So if you’re truly ready to break through those $10,000 months and soar beyond..

My love, let’s talk.

Click below to learn more about me or check out one of my several DIY offerings here.

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The meditation to manifest money

The Stardust Meditation is THE meditation I use to consistently open myself up to receive, allow for the universal flow of energy and money to come to me, and to absorb the magnificent abundance that is available to us all NOW.

Once you learn this meditation you can use it while:

- Walking

- Sitting at a red light

- Calming your crying baby (seriously, this helps you AND babe especially when it feels like nothing else will)

- Anywhere at any time

I have personally manifested multiple thousands of dollars from this alone and my clients have used it to call in money, clients, calm, lovers, and more.

This popular meditation is now available to you.

I hope you enjoy.


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Are you ready to live a life of passion and purpose?