You are NOT weak....

You are not weak for having emotions. 

You are not weak for being vulnerable, tender or hurt. 

You are not weak for needing help. 

You are not weak for expressing your whole self, your wants, needs and desires. 

For expressing your hurts, pains, fears or thoughts that plague your mind and keep you running around in circles. 

You are not weak for being you. 

In fact, you are brave for being your truest you. 


Magnificent in all your glory. 

You are a miracle of wonder...

Of Divine creation. 

You are amazing. 

Ladies, gentlemen. 
Men and women.
Masculine and feminine. 

We are all one

Hiding these parts of you serves no one. 

Hiding these parts of you only keeps them festering, brewing... until you are weakened.

And then they pounce. 

Your purpose here is to experience, to heal, to LOVE, to find joy. 

Think of all that can shift if everyone embraced their shadow with love. 

If everyone healed. 

For as much space as women have to be vulnerable and open (which isn't much be becomes more every day) 

Men have less. 

Women being empowered is AMAZING and serves everyone. 

We are Goddesses, rising. 

And men are Gods. 

It is within each and every one of us. 

It is time to allow them the same compassion and space to be heard, to be vulnerable, to heal. 

Think of all the amazing that will happen as we embrace the healing and rising of men with love, compassion and gratitude. 

It is time for us all to rise together. 

As equals. 

In our Divine right. 

It is time for love. 

It is time for healing. 

For releasing. 

And for allowing ourselves to truly heal and step into our greatest versions of Self...

Without the armor of pride, warrior energy or ego for masking our hearts. 

It is time for love. 

I am finally listening fully to my souls calling. 

After a year of niggling. 

No longer am I just here for women. 

Men, I'm here for you too. 

Because your time has come as well. 

I see you. 

I love you. 

Deeply and completely. 

Thank you. 


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