Why Healing Is So Important To Manifesting

You want to manifest but you’ve been getting frustrated AF watching it seem to work for everyone else but you, right?  What’s  the secret “thing” they have that you don’t?  

The truth is, it’s not a secret.  And it totally gets annoying when you see others having seemingly fast results in manifestation while you stay such in stagnation.  I get it.  And I’m here to share with you one of the most important tools I used to achieve a multi 6 figure business in 15 months as well as TWO dream houses in a year, an amazing man, and the ability to travel with my son when I please.  

Major shifts started happening when I did this one thing.  It’s important to note I didn’t do this once and then be all done.  It’s a continual process because there’s always more to do.  But it goes in droves.  

This thing?  


Healing the past experiences, people, stories, emotions and vibrations.  Healing old wounds from this lifetime, from my ancestors that I’ve inherited or have been taught, and past life wounds.  

Those wounds carried the vibrations that attracetd certain experiences into my life…. 

Experiences that tried to cement the limiting beliefs I carried around…

Beliefs like “making money is hard”, “women can’t be fully independent”, and this one that got for a good year “single moms are going to STRUGGLE”.  

These are just a few that I encountered, and I know many other women struggle with too.  

So why is healing so important?  

First off, when you carry these energies around you are emitting a frequency (or wavelength) that is sending this into the Universe.  Because the Law of Attraction is so perfect, you get what you put out.  These frequencies most often aren’t conscious, so you’re not even aware you’re sending this out to the U.  

When you heal those frequencies you stop sending that out to the U and you clean up your energy and what you’re putting out.  

Not sure of what you’re sending out?

Try these journal prompts:

-> What stories am I holding onto?

-> What wounds do I need to heal?

-> Who do I need to forgive and what for? 

I’m sure with just those you’ll be able to identify a lot of stories and subconscious frequencies you’re not even aware you’re still holding onto. 

Another reason healing is so important to manifestation is the impact it has on your energy field.  Think of your energy field as a container, because truly, it is.  The more you already have the less you can add on and carry.  This is why decluttering your space is so important.  Healing is like decluttering your energy field.  

Think of your purse when you clean it out and organize it.  All of a sudden you can carry so much more AND you’re excited to look in there! 

If your energy field is filled with a bunch of debris that’s weighing you down causing stress, fatigue, overwhelm, or frustration you’re only going to attract more of that. 

However, if you have a nice clear energy field, all of a sudden it’s like a bright shiny light for your desires.  You’re happier and the Universe seeks to deliver more that which will make you happy. 

Added bonus…  When you heal your energy field you actually allow it to EXPAND… which increases your container and the amount of which you can carry.  Hello big paychecks!

Want to dip your toes into some healing?  Check out my 30 page Womb Workbook, a powerful healing journal which will help you shift your limiting beliefs and completely release old wounds!