How To Break Through An Up level

You may have heard of it before, you’ve probably experienced it, but how do recognize you’re in an up level… and how do you actually break through it?

An up level is when you are coming to and attempting to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. As entrepreneurs we face this as we reach higher and higher and income levels. Many of my clients experience this as they hit the $10,000/month mark and work to sustain the 5 figure a month level in their businesses.

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New entrepreneurs may experience an up level at even receiving any money for their products or services.

You subconsciously created a glass ceiling based on inherited and learned money stories and limiting beliefs based on past experiences and traumas.

The “rich bitch”, “people who make money are bad” or a classic “who am I to make this kind of money” stories are all very common. As you do the work and build the momentum to shift these stories and see your dreams starting to become your reality your ego kicks in and says something like “wait a minute… you’re not supposed to have this and it’s not supposed to be so easy!” and starts to create self sabotaging habits, tell you all sorts of limiting beliefs and stories made up from them.

It’s easy to say things like "my ego is such an asshole” but really, it’s a part of you. And I believe that if you’re reading this YOU are not an asshole. When you start to say bad things about your ego remember that you’re saying bad things about yourself. Love yourself, and do the work to move through out rather than feed into self sabotaging talk and behavior.

Signs you’re in an up level:

  • Random money things keep happening. Your card gets declined when there’s plenty of money in your account, unexpected bills pop up, you lose your wallet or purse, etc…

  • Appliances break. My TV just crashed last week, so I presently feel this :-) One of my clients knows she’s upleveling because her brand new washing machine breaks. Even the one she got from replacing the old one that kept breaking during her up levels - apparently that’s her thing.

  • Exes show up out of the blue OR you suddenly get asked out by 10 different people in two days.

During one particular up level episode the tire shredded in my less than two year old car and the next day I ran out of gas. Two days after that I was on a flight and not only was the plane late showing up, we sat on tarmac on both ends of the flight for two hours.

I apologized to everyone on the flight, psychically of course.

My ego was quite literally STOPPING forward movement. First my car and then a JET PLANE, both twice and all within 4 days.

The day after my flight I was invited by an NBC reported to do a story on me, which led to the first of two prime time NBC covers.

So now you might be recalling up levels you’ve experienced, or perhaps you’re experiencing one now.

The thing I like to remind my clients and followers is is this:


There are, of course, some important steps to take to make it as smooth as possible and to insure you’ll break through your glass ceiling and make it to those higher heights you’re dreaming of. I’ve listed them below.

  1. Meditate. This ones a must. When it seems like everything is falling apart it’s easy to get wrapped up in the frenzy, become ungrounded and focus on everything that’s going wrong. Meditation allows you to slow down, connect with source, spirit and your guides and maintain your center. Like a house, you’ve got to have a solid foundation to rise. Meditation allows you to sustain that.

  2. Focus on what’s going RIGHT. As I mentioned above, it’s easy to focus on all the things that are falling apart. Energy flows where focus goes. So if you’re focusing on the things that are going right for you, you create more of the things that go right. If you’re focusing on things that are going wrong… you get more things going right. Choose your thoughts wisely.

  3. Journal. Even if you’re not a journaler, start. Journal through your limiting beliefs. You will have these at every up level, so just expect it. It’s not a one then done thing. (if you don’t know how my womb workbook has a great exercise to guide you through it). Rewrite your story over and over and over.

  4. Futurecast. Imagine you’re journaling from the future where you’re on the other side of the up level or the thing you are manifesting. Perhaps it’s your first $10k or $20k month. Write the future date, as well as today’s so you don’t get confused when you go back to your journal, and share the excitement and the gratitude of your manifestation. How do you feel? How did it happen? What did you do to make it happen? How are you going to celebrate?

    Pro tip: Include truths that you are currently experiencing so your subconscious can’t debunk it. For example: OMG I’m so excited! I just had my first $50,000 month!! (manifestation). I’m SO freaking excited! Everything has been going so well, I’ve been taking such good care of myself, focusing on my energy and quantum shifting and doing all the things… I’m sitting on my couch (truth) writing and journaling and just had the idea to go check my monthly income and OMG!!! I’m so excited and so giddy and I can’t wait to share this with (partner/best friend/ coach). To celebrate I’m going to go buy myself a new car, hire an assistant, and pay $10,00 towards my loans (the universe likes to know where money is going to go).

^^ Normally this would be at least a few pages long in my journal. I’d go into detail about how I feel, the things I did, and would incorporate several truths that are my current experience into this. Have a plan for how you’re going to celebrate and be specific with it.

Doing these exercises daily is a surefire way to speed things along whether you’re going through the ceiling or not, but doing them during your up level is of utmost importance so your subconscious doesn’t just knock you back down.

You’re here for a reason. Your success is not only important to you, it’s important to everyone who benefits for YOU being successful. If reading that made you doubt yourself read it again, and know that doing the work to reframe your subconscious is massively important to achieve the success you wish to see.

I hope this helps and you enjoyed reading.

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