Why Womb Healing Is So Important and How To Actually Do It

Why Womb Healing Is So Important

And How To Actually Do It

(Plus a reading from my new book Naked: A Woman Reborn)

It took me a long time to realize that the reason my clients were getting such profound results through our work is because we were womb healing. We were awakening their Goddess within and connecting with their Divine Feminine power.

Of course, I knew certain things worked well and were helping my clients get pregnant even with infertility, helping them manifest their dream house before it had even hit the market, and manifesting far higher sales in their business and large sums of money… so I kept at it.

Until one day, it hit me.

I was womb healing.

I don’t recall ever hearing this term before. Consider it a Divine Download. I was excited… and slightly terrified.

At the time in my business when I started talking about the womb, I hadn’t come across anyone else doing so. But as I reflected on my previous roles as a nutritional therapist and massage therapist I recalled how women came to see me over a decade before to help them with their period cramps. We’d work the psoas muscle and I’d massage the uterus.

As a fertility coach I helped women rebalance their cycles and get pregnant.

And finally… as I finally embraced my 20 year practice of an energy healer and bringing healing to the world to help women (and men) intentionally create a life and business beyond their wildest dreams… I realized what I’ve been working towards all these years.

Womb healing has been such an integral part of my personal transformation and the incredible manifestations I’ve been able to receive.

Your womb, after all, is your center of creation. It’s also your seat of manifestation, seat of emotions, and home of your Divine Feminine…

Your inner Goddess…

The queen of receiving.

If she’s not able to breathe… YOU are unable to receive.

In this video I read an excerpt about womb healing from my book Naked: A Woman Reborn and guide you through a deep womb healing meditation and exercise.

I’d love to hear from you about your experience with this exercise. Please keep me updated in the comments below!