Getting into the energy of receiving

Sitting here listening to the rain falling on the spring flowers, birds singing their song, my 14 year old pit bull Lucy barking at the wind as the fresh air fills the house… it’s easy to let my mind wander. And wander she does… All too often we’ve been taught not to daydream. To stay focused on what’s in front of us. But I’m going to offer you a new approach to life, and a necessary approach to manifesting.

Let your mind WANDER… and let your heart join in.

Every day I talk to women who talk themselves out of daydreaming. “It’s childish” “I don’t know HOW that can ever happen” or “who am I to even have that” are common limiting excuses I hear incredible women tell themselves.

I want to pose a new thought for you my love…

If you limit yourself in dreaming, you limit yourself in receiving.

If you limit yourself in receiving, you’re certainly limiting yourself in manifesting.

A cup of coffee and a great parking spot are awesome… Heck, an extra hundo is amazing..

But let’s talk expansive..

Those $10,000 months that seem so elusive…

That multi 6 figure or 7 figure business…

The man, the woman or the relationship…

The house..

The lifestyle…

I know you want them all. That’s why you’re reading this.

You have to let yourself dream first love. It’s the dreaming that tells your subconscious and the Universe where you want to go.

Now, let’s talk about how to actually shift your energy to become a match for these amazing things you’re calling in.

Ask yourself, how are you going to feel WHEN you have this? What emotion are you going to feel?

Now, think back to a time in your life when you felt the same or similar emotion. You’re probably going to feel excited, happy, relieved, ecstatic… what is the predominant emotion and take yourself back to a time when you felt that.

Immerse yourself with the emotion.

What did you think when you felt this? How confident were you? What were the thoughts you told yourself and the beliefs you had? Sink into them now. You can probably already feel yourself shifting simply from reading this.

Close your eyes, and go there now.

Breathe it in. Live it, experience it. And when you open your eyes carry it with you.

Notice yourself standing a little taller… thinking more clearly… feeling stronger and more free?

Let me know what you’re manifesting how you feel after doing this exercise in the comments below.

I’ll personally respond to everyone who comments.