How to Manifest Money Now - a simple exercise to call in the cash

The number one thing my clients want to manifest is more money. Let’s be real, money makes your experience here on earth more enjoyable. Money is sexy, money is simple, money is easy, and YOU making it benefits us all. It allows you to live more comfortably, to provide a better life for your family, to give more, to inspire more… heck, in some ways to even BE more.

Not that you’re not already whole, because you are. But if you had a billion dollars right now, what would you do? You would be able to vastly expand your positive experiences here and impact far more people. And THAT is of massive service to the world.

Manifest enough money on a consistent basis and you can retire your husband or partner. How fun is that? Putting a great big FU in the old paradigm stories of women and money… sounds like fun to me :-)

The thing I want you to know is that in order to start manifesting you have to start believing it’s there, available to you. Want to start manifesting the cash money? Start by proving to yourself it’s there.

One of my go to exercises for myself and my clients is simple, fun, and if done consistently QUICK to deliver.

Of course, there’s so much more to manifesting consistently that this one exercise. Learning how to fully reframe your subconscious and shift your energy field to become a match in combination with this exercise provide a trifecta of juicy, expansive, co creating vibrations. But for now, let’s start simple.

Here is my go to for a quick shift in vibration from getting you out of lack and scarcity to witnessing the money roll in.


I felt so.

Ideally for this exercise you’ll need a journal. I like to do this every morning. If I can’t write it down for some reason I like to practice intentionally creating this in my head.

I do find though that the actual act of writing this down just adds more energy and umph to the Law of Attraction, allowing it to work even faster for you.


Write down at least 10 examples that money/abundance is available TO you.

Perhaps you find a penny on the ground… that’s money that’s available to you.

Cans and bottles you can return? Money that’s available to you.

Someone buy you a cup of coffee or you have a full punch card so your next one’s free? Boom.

You’ll notice I also stated abundance. Abundance doesn’t just mean money. Yet we all want an abundance of money. The energy is similar so take note too. Right now in the Pacific Northwest it’s springtime. There is an abundance of blooming flowers, of rushing clean water, of fruit in the orchards, and fresh herbs and vegetables at the farmers market. Nature truly is our greatest source of abundance.

Perhaps you have an abundance of love and support from family, or access to a health food store where you can bask in beautiful foods.

Maybe you can drive through or walk through a higher end neighborhood or boutique. By placing yourself and immersing yourself in abundance… You become more and more a match for it.

Let the vibrant colors of fresh flowers and beautiful fabrics from a high end boutique tickle your eyes with glee and wander and continue to prove to yourself the bounty that is available to you, always.

Do this daily and you’ll begin to witness the universe deliver.