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Welcome, love.

2 years ago I was living with my mom to avoid being homeless. I had an infant son and a burning vision to create a life of greater wealth, love, travel, possibility and happiness than I’d ever imagined.

I didn’t want the same childhood for him that I had.

One where we were constantly limited and couldn’t have or do things because we didn’t have the money or the time.

As a full time single mom I knew I wanted more. I knew I didn’t want to be another single mom statistic and I knew that my son and I were worth everything we could imagine.

Fast forward to today and I’ve built a multi 6 figure business in 15 months. I’ve recently moved into my second dream home in two years. After spending a year traveling and living on the beach in San Diego with a private nanny, we relocated to the Pacific Northwest to live in a small mountain town.

We are thriving.

Business is thriving.

Our hearts are bursting with a greater depth of love than I ever knew was possible.



I went inside. I did the work to truly identify how I was limiting myself and using NLP, hypnosis and my own brand of energy healing that I’ve been cultivating for almost 20 years I pulled out the stories I didn’t like…

The ones that have been limiting me and have been preventing me from reaching my fullest potential in every area of my life…

And reprogrammed my mind and energy field so I could quickly change my life and live the life I’d dreamed about for 5 years.

What happened was this:

* In the first year I went on to make 4 times what I made in my previous business

* I manifested the most loving, vulnerable and intimate romantic relationship of my life with the most intense connection I’ve ever experienced.

* I’ve manifested TWO amazing homes in the span of a year

* I spent a year traveling every month with my 2 year old & living on the beach in San Diego

* My days are spent working from home, from my phone, meeting with friends, and doing the self care practices I most enjoy.

Life is easy.

Making money is easy.

LOVING every aspect of your life is easy.

It gets to be that way for you, too.

Limitless is my newest 6 week LIVE program designed to blow the cap off your own limitations and welcome into your life greater love, wealth, expansion and joy than you ever knew was possible.

This powerful group program contains 4 live modules followed by 2 weeks of additional support and Q&A.

We start October 14


“The most important thing to creating your reality is the story you believe”

  • Lindsay Dam

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“I don’t know what you did but ever since I started working with you I’m having my best months ever. WoW!” - Glenyce Ewing, Psychic Medium and Healer

“In the first 4 months I’ve manifested over $115,000 in cash and bought my dream home. You’ve changed my life forever.” - Jill Macnab, Intuitive Astrologer

“OMG. I just manifested a $28,000 check out of nowhere!” - Meghan Henderson

“I just had my biggest month ever, and we just started working together!” - Julie Cook Goetzinger, photographer

Your dreams get to become your reality - let them

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