A little About Me...


I am Lindsay Dam. Spiritual Mentor for Women who helps women manifest life beyond their wildest dreams through womb healing and unleashing their divine feminine power. 

Energy healer, guide, and spiritual mentor for women who want more.  I empower women to tap into their innate potential, unleash their creative energies, and create a life beyond their wildest dreams.  

One year ago I had to leave my groceries at the store twice in one week because my food stamps hadn't gone through.  My mom paid my rent.  My utilities were shut off every other month.  My car was sent to repo... twice.  And I had an infant.  

Fast forward 9 months and I've made my first 5 figure months.  I impact women all over the globe and help them rapidly the life of their dreams...  

All while manifesting mine.  

My 20 year dream of moving to Hawaii is happening in just a few months.  I travel with my son every other month and go on trips I pay for in cash.  

It all started when I made the choice to get out of my own way, to no longer be a victim to circumstance, and when I remembered the true power that lies within me.  

You have that power.  You have the choice.  

Embrace it.  

I will show you how, and teach you how to heal your past, shift your mindset, and rapidly manifest the life of your dreams.