Ready to manifest life beyond your wildest dreams?


Hey girl, tell me if this sounds like you:


-> You have this unexplainable deep feeling that there's so much for you in this life

-> You are frustrated with the same patterns that keep popping up no matter what you do 

-> You've tried all the things and still seem to be stuck where you are

-> You've had a certain level of success but have a hard time getting past it

-> You're practicing LOA, mindset and affirmations but still haven't found the sweet flow you keep hearing about

-> You're starting to wonder if all the stories you hear about women creating amazing lives for themselves just aren't meant for you

-> You find yourself dreaming about the life of your desires and can feel it in your soul, but it seems to be just out of arms reach

-> You have a hard time even picturing a life beyond your dreams... it just seems so far away


If any of this sounded familiar... You've found yourself exactly where you're meant to be.  


I'm Lindsay Dam

Spiritual Mentor who helps women manifest life beyond their wildest dreams through healing their wombs and unleashing their Divine Feminine power. 

She's been a licensed massage therapist and energy worker for 18 years, a student of the Law of Attraction for 15 years, and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and health coach.  

With well over 15,000 hours of hands on 1:1 work with her clients she uses guided meditations, channels energy, Law of Attraction and mindset practices to empower her clients to radically shift their life into one they've dreamed about for years. 



Womb healing?  Say what?!

Your womb is your seat of emotions.  It's also your center of creation.  You carry emotional wounds from your past hurts and traumas.  You also carry emotional wounds inherited from your ancestors.  These wounds suppress your creative energy, your Divine Feminine... your most sacred manifesting and creative energies.  

As you heal the wounds of your womb you allow your creative energies to expand.  You welcome manifestations to take place.  You awaken your intuitive abilities.  And you are able to create life far beyond your wildest dreams... so fast you'll look back in a year and almost won't believe how far you've come. 


Masculine vs. Feminine


For generations women have been taught that to be a woman is to be weak.  To be feminine is to be powerless, less than and not deserving.  We've been taught this so well that we grow up actually believing this.  We give our power away before we even know we have it.  Leaving us feeling less than confident, dependent, and eventually to a point to where we either live a life that is much less than our desires... or something happens and we say ENOUGH.


But why get to that point?  

I've been there.  And while I'm grateful for the lessons I learned I'm here to tell ya... just take your power back now.  It'll save you SO much pain, anguish and grief.  And save you a bunch of money and heartache.  

I've worked with and talked to a LOT of women.  Through our discovery calls every single one of them has identified two things.  They are:  Their current state of operation is a masculine state and; the state they will be operating in in their dream life is a feminine state.  

Here's why this matters.  The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.  If you are operating in a masculine state - emitting masculine thoughts and emotions - you are going to get more situations in your life that keep you in a masculine state.  

Now I'm not saying men are bad.  Far from it.  I love men.  Every single person has masculine and feminine energies flowing through them.  

As women we have been so taught that to be feminine is to be weak... and so our feminine energies have been almost shut off, leaving the masculine to run the show.  This is a huge imbalance.  

This imbalance will manifest in many areas.  From difficulty manifesting money, to lack of confidence and clarity, to period and hormonal issues, to fertility struggles.  

As we heal your womb, tidy up energy leaks, and nurture your feminine energy you see shifts so quickly in your life.  It's truly remarkable! 


We are at a unique point in time and history.


Women have more freedom to create the life for themselves than ever before.  

I'm here to be your guide to taking back your power, unleashing your Divine Feminine power, and manifesting life beyond your wildest dreams.  

I offer incredibly transformative 4 & 6 month 1:1 VIP mentorships for a select few incredible women who are ready to make massive shifts in their life. 

If you feel this may be for you let's talk.  

Fill out an application for a discovery call here or by clicking the button below.  I'll review your application and get back to you within 24-48 hours.  

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