Womb Workshop

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It’s here! The Womb Worksop was a powerful session filled with healing, releasing, streaming tears, and deeper connection to the Goddess and intuition and I want to thank everyone who attended both live and over the replay.

Immediately one woman’s hip pain was gone for the first time in 11 YEARS.

I’m deeply grateful to present this work to you, as it has been crucial for me in my healing and rising over the last few years.

We focus on that a lot in this training. Grab your journals and enjoy.

This will only be available for 48 hours so enjoy it now!


Ready to activate your womb and center of manifestation?

Awakening The Womb is a 6 week activation experience, designed to awaken and activate the layers of your womb so you can fully awaken your creative flow and unleash the Goddess within to create the life you fully desire.