Testimonials from real clients

I like to be upfront.  

Many of these will be screenshots from clients who've willingly shared their experience working with me on social media. 

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Jessie Ptak -  Sacred Soul Care + Self Coach at jessieptak.com

Before I discovered Lindsay and this group, I had no idea what womb healing was, what a womb woman was, or the role feminine energy plays in how we do everything! I was doing “all the things” to manifest, but none of those things worked for me — so much doing, not enough allowing and feeling. 

My first experience working with Lindsay was during a 3 hour group workshop, and I learned so much about myself in that short period of time — like the relationship I had with money on a subconscious level, and how to start changing it. After the workshop, I signed my first 6 month client! 

I signed up to have a 3 hour intensive in November and I can’t explain how much energy was moved through my body during that time, but I’ve never experienced a session like that (and I’ve been to many different healers!). She was able to lead me through uncovering an experience from childhood that I had completely suppressed and blacked out, so that I could finally feel and release it. 

Even after our session, Lindsay continued to reach out to me to check in, to give advice about how to handle emotions that were coming to the surface, and reassurance that these old blocks would dissipate as long as I acknowledged them.

After months of feeling off in my business and my work, I am finally aligned with my purpose and my mission, everything feels as though it’s fallen into place — and it feels so EASY. I can FEEL it in my body that things have shifted, and they continue to get better every day. THANK YOU Lindsay, you are a LIGHT in this world. So grateful to have met you.

She received Divine Premonitions from being in a meditative trance in our session... and has already seen incredible shifts in every area of her life! 
"I am writing this testimonial to say how wonderful I have found Lindsay and her services to be. I was on the search for a fertility and life coach as I knew I was stuck and had so many issues relating to my own parents and people I had encountered in life, and felt very much the victim. Positive things had happened to me in life, such as finding and marrying the one who has loved and supported me through the dark times over the course of these last three years, doing some healing of my childhood wounds, but the only one who could really do that was myself. I found one coach in the US (I'm based in London, UK) who sounded good and experienced but she just wasn't really available to me, physically (would've taken 3 weeks for an initial discovery call), emotionally (I just didn't connect with her energy which was very forthright and businesslike with no friendliness) or financially (she offered no payment plans or options which were available to me at this time). But I'm glad I found her because by finding her, I found Lindsay through doing a web search for someone similar. Then I looked up her YouTube videos and I knew that I would connect well with her. And can I say, I have not been disappointed at all. Not only have I found her friendly, available, caring, flexible with options that anyone can afford including free training on her website and very well versed in what she teaches and trains, I had found a new found security and comfort in knowing what was keeping me stuck and how I should progress towards what I know I deserve, my dream life! I can't wait to write a further testimonial in the coming year which will demonstrate what I've achieved through this! I see myself now as a successful and well off artist and mother and my husband too, living our dream life! Do have a look at Lindsay's website, you won't be disappointed!"
- Rebecca Asghar, Artist & Mother to be
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Delving deep into your hopes and dreams for yourself, your limiting beliefs, your insecurities and fears... this is not the work of the faint of heart. And then to share itin a group??? Oh man... When I committed to -5.png