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Transformative Dream Life Accelerator 

A 6 Week Group Program

Awaken Your Divine Feminine.  Unlock Your Creative Energy.  Rapidly Manifest Your Dreams.


Tell me if this sounds like you. Do you...

> KNOW deep down there's something MORE for you?

> Want to finally feel HAPPY and at peace in all areas of your life?

> Feel tired when you think about where you are in your life right now?

>  Feel STUCK but can't figure out how to get out of it?

> Dream of traveling with your kids, owning your home and having financial FREEDOM?

> Delay getting started on new ventures or ideas because it's just not perfect?

> Feel shame around your femininity or your womb?

> Feel insecure around your body or sex?

> Want to develop deeper intimacy with yourself and your relationships?


If you said YES to any of these questions, then THIS is for you


Awaken Your Divine Feminine

And tap into the Divine Feminine that resides within.  Sacred Manifestations is a 6 week course that combines deep energy healing, powerful mindset work and Connection to spirit.  This profound experience  guides you to unleash this powerful manifesting ability that is sitting idle within you. 

Your Divine Feminine is the Center of Creation that lies within your body.  For so long she has been suppressed and ignored.  And this has manifested as this constant uphill battle to find equal pay, to attract high paying clients, to get pregnant... or to create anything we truly desire.  

Your Divine Feminine is hurting.  And she needs to be nurtured.  And loved.  And supported.  And listened to.  And when we listen to her.... EVERYTHING HAPPENS.  

When I healed my womb, I went from being almost homeless to making 5 figures in only 9 months.  


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Real Experience + Rapid Manifestation

With me, Lindsay Dam, as your guide you get 6 dedicated weeks of support.  I have a  17 year background of energy healing, 13 years in business ownership and have been studying and practicing manifestation for almost 20 years.  I've been everywhere.  In 9 months I went from having my mom pay my rent, my utilities being turned off every other month to making 5 figures and preparing to move to my dream island of Kauai in just a few short months.  I have been there.  You don't need to.  Let's make your dreams your reality.   

We'll get clarity on what's holding you back, and literally spin those beliefs around so you can move forward.  We'll heal old wounds and create a new path for women everywhere.  

It's time. 

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Here's what you'll get:

> 6 Powerful trainings that will take you deep the suppressed energy holding you back + will create rapid manifestations and clarity.  Manifestions + Clarity = Hellooo Dream Life! ($1299 value)

> 6 Group Coaching calls dedicated to digging into YOUR specific issues.  You will always get dedicated time from me on every call ($2500 value)

> A dedicated Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support, raise your vibration and share your BREAKTHROUGHS (and create some incredible connections)

> 6 Transformational journaling workbooks that will connect you deeper with Source, and your Soul Purpose and will awaken your Divine Feminine.  ($499 value)

>>> Value: $4298 <<<


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Because I want you to be living your dream life... and because the world NEEDS you to... I've got these {SUPER AWESOME} bonuses for you


BONUS #1 ($417 value)

The Goddess Connection Session



60 Minute Goddess Connection Session

Have you ever felt the call for more?  Like you knew there was so much MORE you were meant to doing and seeing and experiencing? 

When you deeply connect with your womb you connect with your inner Goddess.   Your connection to your Soul.  Your connection to your Life Purpose.  When you connect with your womb you find an immense space of clarity, wisdom and KNOWING.  

If you've already connected with your Goddess and are clear on your purpose we'll do some deep clearing to rid yourself of the transgenerational gunk you've been carrying with you and release it so you can become a magnet for what you deeply desire:  Freedom, Clients, Money, Men, Sex, Babies....  


I'm Lindsay Dam.

I'm a ridiculously gifted energy healer with over 17 years of practice on over a thousand bodies.  I'm also a Women's Empowerment Leader and Spiritual Guide for women who want MORE.  I guide women to awaken their Divine Feminine, heal the wounds of their wombs and unleash the creative energy that lies suppressed within, making them a MAGNET for everything they dream about.  I created the Rapid Manifestation technique that takes you from tired and less than passionate to living a life that is happy, peaceful and full of ZEST, vitality and joy.  This is the process you will learn in Sacred Manifestations. 

Delving deep into your hopes and dreams for yourself, your limiting beliefs, your insecurities and fears... this is not the work of the faint of heart. And then to share itin a group??? Oh man... When I committed to -4.png
Delving deep into your hopes and dreams for yourself, your limiting beliefs, your insecurities and fears... this is not the work of the faint of heart. And then to share itin a group??? Oh man... When I committed to -5.png
Delving deep into your hopes and dreams for yourself, your limiting beliefs, your insecurities and fears... this is not the work of the faint of heart. And then to share itin a group??? Oh man... When I committed to -6.png

Bonus #2 ($120 value)

Angelic Womb Healing 

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Angelic Womb Healing with Suki Eleutrio

In this 30 minute healing special we will move the Divine Reiki energy through your chakras, healing and feeling through each one. I call upon my angels, your angels, the archangels, ascended masters, and ancestors for help in this healing. All you have to do is relax and allow this energy to work through you. You will leave feeling calm, peaceful and balanced.

Who is Suki?

My path hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, but I have learned that through some of my darkest times, I have always felt the presence of angels; and I am here to teach the world the same.

Now that I have learned Angelic Healing, I want others to know that they walk with angels too. I’ve been gathering a healing tribe of Lightworkers – those who have come to this planet with the soul purpose to guide others and spread love and light – and I would love for you to join us. Have you felt called to do something more?

>>> Total Value:  $4835 <<<

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A Transformative Dream Life Accelerator...

> Release Your Blocks

> Become a magnet for all you desire using my unique Sacred Way system.

> RAPIDLY manifest money, men, dreams and babies

> Find Peace, Happiness and Joy

>  Live a life you are truly in love with                                                      


Space is EXTREMELY limited



Program begins October 2, 2017