Sacred Boundaries

Energy Healing + Boundary Setting = Energetic Harmony 

A transformational 2 week course just in time for the holidays


Hey girl, does any of this sound familiar...

>> You groan every time you have to see certain people, including family members

>> You verbally establish boundaries, yet they are completely ignored

>> You have  woo beliefs but others don't get you, and you just don't want to have to argue or explain yourself

>> You are tired of having such high expectations placed on you

>> You just want to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family, and not have to deal with all the BS that comes with it

>> You are seriously dreading THAT family member

>> You find yourself getting tense, irritable and nervous... and the holidays haven't even started yet


if any of those sounded familiar then sacred boundaries is for you



Why Boundaries?

When you have strong energetic boundaries, it's like people just seem to shift.  No longer do they bombard with overbearing questions about what you do for work, when you're going to finally get married... or pregnant.  No longer are you defending your lifestyle choices, parenting style, career or business path.  

High maintenance clients are suddenly enjoyable and easy going.  

You purely get to enjoy energetic harmony.  

And the naysayers simply seem to shift... or fade away altogether. 


Winter Bliss

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  Establish internal bliss during the darkest and most stressful time of year.... 

And enjoy outer bliss in a world of chaos, expectations and obligations.  

As you nurture the energetic field within you, others subconsciously respond.  As you heal wounds of past expectations, you create a new holiday standard.  

One that truly embraces a time of love, harmony and joy. 


What is Energetic Harmony?


Honestly love, if you have to ask that you NEED this course.  

Energetic harmony is when your energy field is so balanced you feel aligned, in flow, and just SO good!!  

You can't help but feel calm, joyful and deeply in love with your life.  

It is a state of bliss.  A state of being that carries you through any situation with an air of grace, gratitude and, well, harmony.  


what are sacred boundaries?


Your energy field is fragile and delicate. It's sacred.  And the moment stress hits it can start to get wonky.  

Establishing strong energetic boundaries block stress from even getting to you...

It blocks negative people from sucking your energy... 

And it protects your incredible energy from being manipulated or pushed around by others.  

Energetic boundaries protect your precious energy from chaos, discord and stress.  

Energetic boundaries protect sacred spaces.  They are

Sacred Boundaries.



Sacred Boundaries

Is a transformational 2 week course that is part energy healing, part releasing, and large part powerful boundary setting. 


You will get: 

> 2 educational modules that will guide you to healing your energy field and establishing energetic boundaries.

> 2 group calls with 1:1 support and help pushing pesky energies out of your energy field to a distance of your choosing.

> Private FB group for additional support

> 2 FB lives with additional Q&A and bonus energy healing


>> $1,666 Value <<



Lindsay Dam

Is a Spiritual Mentor and energy healer who helps women manifest life beyond their wildest dreams through healing their womb and unleashing their Divine Feminine power. 

She has been an energy worker for 18 years and has an extensive background in clearing unwanted energies from her clients energy fields.  

She guides her clients to massive transformation through self love and healing. 


Sacred boundaries starts dec. 4, 2017