Rooted Awakenings

Your 6 week guide to deep healing, creating space and finally becoming an energetic match for your desires.

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The deeper you go in… the farther you go out.

Wondering why all your desires seem just out of arms reach?

Like, you can feel them but no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to grab hold of them?

You do all the things…

You hustle…

You practice affirmations…

You think good thoughts…

And it seems like they all start coming to you but then they hit this wall and completely divert.


And it’s really fucking annoying.

How does it feel to know that that wall your desires, money, clients, etc keep hitting was put up by YOU?

Exasperating right?

That’s why I created Rooted Awakenings.

A 6 week deep dive into the subconscious resonances that are:

-> Holding you back from receiving the clients, customers, income and relationships you want

-> Creating the same old boom and bust cycles

-> Keeping old ancestral patterns alive and strong that no longer serve you or your ancestors.

-> Preventing your creative, manifesting juices from taking full flight

-> Inhibiting you from taking your life and business to the next levels.

During these 6 weeks you will:

—> Release ancestral patterns and heal your ancestors from the origination point of these resonances

—> Connect more deeply with your truest self

—> Heal unseen energy leaks from the core and increase your energetic capacity for receiving

—> Learn how to honor your energy through ancient cleansing rituals

—> Release shadow emotions and stories that are hindering your forward expansion, development and manifesting abilities.

—> Unleash your inner Goddess so she can create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams.

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Rooted Awakenings is one of my most popular courses with previous students revisiting it over and over to continue their expansion, flow and manifestations.

And now… for the first time ever…

Pre-recorded modules sent directly to your inbox!


See what Nikki says about Rooted Awakenings:

“When you decide to trust in those nudges that say you should “go for it” - that is when the magic happens! When Lindsay announced she was going to be hosting Rooted Awakenings, I KNEW that I had to be a part of it! For months, I had been feeling like I needed to enroll and commit to a program that was going to help me get over sour mindsets, feelings and old stories that were holding me back. Rooted Awakenings was exactly the program that helped me to shed the layers of self doubt, shame and self pity. It allowed me to clear mental clutter, so I could finally say YES to my path! Since then, my life has been drastically changing for the better! I’m happier, I am making TONS more money, I am fulfilled in my work and my family relationships have never been better! I learned valuable mindset techniques that I will carry with me for life. I learned how to not let negativity (from myself and others) hold me back. I learned that it’s ok to have a past and Lindsay helped me learn how to grow through old traumas - and just love myself! I had to clear space to let the good stuff in, my commitment to Lindsay and Rooted Awakenings is exactly what I needed to make that shift! Even though I was scared, I am so glad I said YES!! Thank you Lindsay!! - Nikki