Divine Healing Guided Meditations

Over 12 Guided Meditations created to help you get into the receiving state, manifest desires, heal your womb, connect with spirit and more. Including my ever popular Stardust Meditation, Womb Wisdom Meditation and Erotic Money Meditation.


embrace the healing power of guided meditations

In this library of guided meditations you will:

—> Enter into a state of receiving to allow you to manifest with ease, removing resistance to your desires

—> Heal your womb, learn what needs to be healed to move you farther along your path with ease, and connect with your center of creation in a way you’ve never known

—> Connect with your Spirit Guides to receive divine guidance on anything you desire. (comes in binaural beats and regular)

—> Connect with your Spirit Baby. Either connect with the souls that are yet to be born or who left this plane already. Heal your heart, receive their messages and find comfort through your pain.

—> Connect with your money man (don’t know what that is? Discover at the beginning of this meditation!) and allow him to please you in this EROTIC meditation.

and so much more.

Over 12 powerful meditations to help you manifest, heal and intentionally co-create your life by design.

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the stardust meditation

I have personally used this manifest multiple thousands of dollars. Get yourself in the receiving state and get ready to bring it all in…

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Erotic Money Meditation

Combine the power of orgasm with desires and allow for pleasure from money to make it all happen…

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Spirit Guide Meditation

Connect with your spirit guides to receive divine guidance, cultivate and nurture your relationship with spirit and strengthen your communication. Comes with binaural beats and without.

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Womb Wisdom Meditation

Heal your womb, learn what is highest priority to heal, and develop a healthy relationship with your center of creation.


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