Awaken The Womb


My love, let me know if this sounds like you…

—> You’ve tried it all and nothing seems to be working for you.

—> The Law of Attraction seems to work for everyone else except YOU.

—> You feel disconnected from source, maybe even alone, and like no one quite gets it.

—> You have a strong desire to fully feel LOVE and WORTH and to finally believe that you DESERVE to have everything you want.

—> You have period problems that seem to never go away, including cramping and foul odor.

—> You are so ready to unleash your power of manifestation and finally have your desires start rolling in.

If you said YES to any of the above, Awakening the Womb is for you.

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During this 6 week event you will receive:

1:1 Support with me via Voxer, where we can discuss ANYTHING

A Private FB Group

Weekly LIVE Modules and Activations

Lifetime access to content


During this program you will:

release old wounds and traumas from your life

release ancestral and past life wounds

Activate the 4 layers of your womb to fully awaken your inner Goddess and unleash your power of creation/manifestation

open your heart space

combine your creative center with your center of love and expansion so you can quickly and fully receive the life of your desires




Is a spiritual healer and law of attraction mentor. She helps accomplished women break through their own barriers to create a life of passion, purpose, and a f*ck ton of money.

Through womb healing, law of attraction, ancestral and past life healing, as well as divinely guided strategy she uses her psychic abilities and intuition to help women reach multiple next levels in love, finances, happiness an joy through their work together


Early bird special:

Save $500 when you sign up by midnight on Monday April 1!